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Family Owned since 1998

Courtesy, honesty, reliability, and value. These are just some of the words that sum up Auto Resources Body Shop. We strive to exceed your expectations for all of your collision repair needs. Accidents can be stressful and we want to reduce that stress by completely repairing your vehicle to its previous condition. At Auto Resources Body Shop, we repair all makes and models of vehicles back to factory standards. Located near Ute Ave in Grand Junction Colorado, Auto Resources Body Shop offers automobile collision repair services, mechanical services, and maintenance services.

The Best Service

No one wants to have an accident. At Auto Resources, we strive to do everything we can do to reduce the inconvenience and hassle of an unfortunate circumstance. Auto Resources puts modern technology and old-world craftsmanship to work to do all we can to make it “like it never happened”.

The Best Body Work

How can you tell the best body work when you see it? You can’t see it! The Auto Resources repair systems square your unibody or frame vehicle to factory tolerances or better. Then our welding and assembly methods restore the structural integrity and driveability of your vehicle. Finally, we use the best parts and finishing techniques to restore the original lines and vital functions of your vehicle.

The Best Technicians

At Auto Resources, our repairmen are our greatest resource. Our team of skilled technicians must meet the demanding Auto Resources standards of quality at each stage of repair. Standards that protect you, your family and your investment.

The Best Equipment

Auto Resources uses the most effective tools modern technology has to offer…3-D measurement systems, MIG welding, dedicated unibody fixtures, and Molecular plasma cutters, to name a few. Additionally, a really great repair still requires the good old fashioned craftsmanship you’ll find at Auto Resources.

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